Our mission

Is it there yet?

Nope, we just started. The Gridt is designed to become a public social platform to connect forward moving people in action. Our organization does not have the capacity or the political legitimacy to create such a technology without the help and approval of the community that should eventually benefit from it. However, we do have a vision on how it is supposed to be done if we want to succeed. These are the principles we adhere to in order to bring a new technology into the world in an ethical and responsible way:

  • Gridt is and will always be a non-profit initiative. Our platform is meant to give people the freedom to establish supportive social connections with anyone, anytime, anywhere for goals they set for themselves. We believe this freedom should be a public good and turning it into profit just isn’t nice.
  • The technology will be open source. The Gridt’s promise is to connect its users with each other exactly as described, without unauthorized external parties eavesdropping on the information. Keeping this promise, assuring safety and privacy and allowing them to be verifiable requires that the Gridt’s source code will be accessible to all.
  • Our organization is transparent about its people, activities and finances. Updates on our progress can be found on this website’s blog. On our OpenCollective page, you can check out our team, support us with donations and get insight in how our funds are being spent.

Unfortunately, changing the world takes people and money. Wondering how you can help?