Venturing out

In the past months, we have been preparing our organization to make it presentable to the public. Now that this preparation phase is over, reaching out to the world feels a lot like sailing out on open sea. It is clear what our heading is on the short term and there’s nothing that keeps us from dreaming to circle the world within the next few years. However, the exact route to getting there will be largely determined by the wind. In this update, we’ll give a short overview of the current state of affairs and a glance of the path ahead.

At this point in time, we have:

  • An enthousiastic six-headed crew. Check out who is who on
  • A growing GitHub repository, on which the backbone of the Gridt is rapidly taking shape.
  • A great support network with lots of knowledge and experience in business development provided by VentureLab North.
  • Developing plans for an evaluation study in collaboration with Antje Schmitt, assistant professor of organizational psychology at the University of Groningen.

We have not yet slapped an open-source license on the code on GitHub or the content on this website, but this will be taken care of once the path ahead becomes more clear. In the meantime, we’ve had many interesting discussions internally on the technical intricacies of building this network, the relation to topics in psychology and the physics behind self-organizing systems.

Our mission for the next few months will be to start building a strong public image and securing the funds needed to advance our project. For both needs, finding other partner organizations actively working for the public interest will be a top priority. In other words: it is time to start connecting and growing our network in real life as well as in lines of code. Off we go!

Title photo by Floris Westerman