Start movements

Although it seemed that modern technology had already connected people in every possible way, Gridt is unique in that it enables people to communicate primarily through their actions instead of words. Gridt provides its users with the possibility to create or join a movement anywhere at any time and to connect freely to anyone that is part of it. So what exactly is a movement and how does Gridt differ from existing social platforms?

In this context, we have defined a movement as a group of people with a common goal and who are connected in a directed fashion that allows them to lead and follow each other. As opposed to existing social media, the Gridt is not suited for targeted communication with a specific person or group of choice, since connections are in principle not mutual.

Left: mutual connections in a group of people on social media, or at a birthday party. Right: people connected on the Gridt, or in any other movement. Solid arrows represent the connections that the user sees himself, while the dashed arrows come from people who see the user.

The topology of the Gridt ensures the following qualities:

  • By connecting every user to exactly four people in each movement, the network is regular (i.e.: a grid);
  • The environment in which a user perceives his peers is identical to the way he or she can be perceived by others in the movement;
  • The connections that you make are ‘private’: only you decide and know who the four peers are that you look to.

Movements are not controlled or managed by anyone and give people the freedom to join and leave at any time without requiring anyone’s permission. This means that no one controls its momentum or direction at a level beyond his or her own actions. As long as there is just one individual committed to the joint objective, the group is in motion. Also, the impact of a single action may spread like a ripple throughout the movement. There’s no need to wait for others when you can be the one to set the group in motion. Isn’t that what you would call leadership?

By zooming out from the perspective of a motivational app to that of a social network, one can see that the Gridt is a platform that enables a new way for people to organize themselves.
Great! So… what shall we do with that? Continue to the next page to read our thoughts on that one.