Set your goals

What is something that you know you should be doing, but that you never quite get around to doing? What are the things you want to achieve, but for which you struggle with finding motivation? These are the central questions of the Gridt to its users. For all we know, you might aspire to play the guitar, visit your grandma more often, or bike to work instead of taking the car. Simply asking yourself these questions without judgment is all you need to do to join our movement.

Gridt is a social tool that connects you to people who share your goal to undertake a specific action, regardless of what it may be. It shows you that you are not alone in your aspirations and allows you to follow and lead others in acquiring desirable habits and losing unwanted ones. By sharing their own actions and seeing those of their peers, people on the Gridt provide each other with support and a permanent social incentive to take action.

This is Bob:

Bob has resolved to exercise more and decided to start with doing a 3K run every three days. His peers on the Gridt help him to stick to his goal, just as he inspires them to do the same. On the next page, you can read how the Gridt application works for Bob.