Find your peers

Can we really build a social network that establishes connections between people in a way that is unconditionally supportive? Yes, we can. The unique feature of Gridt is that it connects users who share a common goal and lets them communicate in a unilateral way. This means that either the receiver is unknown to the sender, or vice-versa. Here we will show you how this type of network stimulates Bob and his peers to keep the promises they made to themselves.

For every goal you set, Gridt connects you to a community of people that pursue the same goal, called a movement. In a movement, every user sees four peers that do not necessarily see the user. Peers share with each other whether or not they have completed their task.

Bob has joined the 3K/3DAYS movement of all the people who intend to do a 3K run every three days. In the 3K/3DAYS runners movement, Bob sees Kenobi, Trinity, Alice and Leia_89. Bob chose to connect to Alice, because they’re best friends. The other three were assigned to him at random. When bob sees that Alice, Trinity and Leia_89 already did their 3K run, he decides to put on his running shoes and go. Bob doesn’t like being the last one with anything. When he comes back, he marks his goal as completed. Nice going, Bob!
Now that Bob has completed his goal for the next three days, he can broadcast a message to the peers who see him, replace his connections or send a nudge or a thumbs-up to the peers he sees. Since he doesn’t know who will receive his broadcast, he decides to share a motivational message with the movement: “Weather’s awesome. Come on, guys!”

Daisy is also in the 3K/3DAYS movement and sees Bob, who goes as Bob_omb on Gridt. Although Bob was last-but-one of his peers, he was the first of Daisy’s group to complete his run. Daisy reads Bob’s motivational message and is nudged by Gridt to follow his example. Only when Daisy marks her goal as completed can she broadcast something to the others in the movement. Since Daisy cannot know how many people there are in the movement or who is seeing her, she might help a lot of people to get motivated by simply doing her 3K run and sharing her action with the movement. On the other hand, if she really doesn’t have the time to go running this week, she will not have to justify that to anyone else.

In Gridt’s movements and peer groups consisting of you and four others, there is always an incentive to complete the tasks you set for yourself. Whether you are the leader, first follower, third out of five (that’s a majority!), last-but-one or the person who completes the movement of the peer group, is all just a matter of perspective.

Does that then mean that it doesn’t matter how well you do compared to others? Yep, that’s right. Don’t forget that Daisy and Bob chose their goals themselves, which is why following through on their commitments is always rewarded. That’s the point of developing grit! Even if you don’t need others to motivate you, your contribution to the movement may still be able to inspire others.

On the next page, you’ll read more about the unique topology of The Gridt Network.