Adopting a healthy lifestyle, conserving the environment and strengthening our communities are some of the major challenges that concern us all. Facing these challenges requires that we adapt our habits to more modern ways of acting, thinking and communicating. Gridt is a fundamentally new way of connecting people through technology. By design, it turns behavior change, discipline and learning from an individual effort into a collaborative effort.

Why is it so hard to start studying, keep up with exercising or to remember to floss? We won’t say that we have the answer, but it might help us if we were somehow able to show each other how these things are done, rather than just talk about them. The Gridt is designed to let its users communicate through their actions, while making everyone a leader and follower at the same time.

So far, we haven’t specified what it is that we think people should do. The reason is: we don’t want to. Gridt gives you the freedom to broadcast whatever it is that you feel like doing, provided that you are willing to lead and follow anyone who does or aspires to do like you do. How many people do you think are looking for motivation to binge watch another TV-series? And how many people might you inspire by cooking a meatless dinner every now and then? We’ll just let you make up the answers using your own consciousness and conscience. No one else will know or judge them!

For now, we’ll just have some faith in people and our system and here’s why:

Instead of allowing information to be sent back and forth between individuals, the unilateral connections of Gridt make information go round.

On the Gridt, the connections between broadcasters and receivers are not mutual. Therefore, the only way the response to your input in the movement can return to you is through closed feedback loops. It’s like digital karma: what goes around, comes around!

Of course this doesn’t mean that our team is indifferent to what happens with the technology we intend to create. As far as we have any, we’ll put our money on the real leaders and innovators of this world to collaborate in giving shape to our platform and a healthier, smarter and more sustainable society. Go on and click down here to read our mission statement.